In-Home Health & Wellness Coaching

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The Best Part…

You Don’t Have to Go Anywhere.

Since ancient times, Traditional Tibetan Medicine and its related fields have focused on diet and lifestyle as the foundations of preventative care and restoring health. Just like in ancient times, our practitioners will come right to your home and create a wellness plan specific to your needs. 


  • 60 Minute In-Home Health Coaching Session – $129 or as low as $110 with one of our Wellness Plans!
  • 120 Minute In-Home Health Coaching Session with Tibetan Kunye Massage Treatement- $199
  • 45 Minute Online Health Coaching Session – $99 or free with one of our Wellness Plans!


Benefits of Health & Wellness Coaching

Your diet and lifestyle are the foundation of your health and wellness. If you are experiencing any sense of “out-of-balance” such as high stress or anxiety, digestive discomfort, trouble sleeping, unstable moods, unwanted weight gain, lack of energy or any physical discomfort a health & wellness coaching sessions is right for your. You will get a complete diet and lifestyle plan customized to your specific needs.

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